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aileth: coloured scan (Default)
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 06:43 pm

Yesterday Keane showed me something I had hoped to see yet didn't belive it existed. The manga version of Interview with the Vampire! It's a one volume manga created by Shinohara Udoh for the 1994 release of the movie of the same name in Japan. It was made in a rush for said release mostly recounting the main points of the movie and book. It has several differencies with both the book by Anne Rice and the movie, but it wouldn't be half as interesting if it wasn't ^^ Unfortunately there's no translation made yet, but 

[profile] trine_scans has translated the first chapter so far. 

That info is for anyone who would like to see it. What I really want is to discuss the original books. You see, a couple of months back  [profile] ekitna got really interested in vampire stuff and asked to borrow my books to know the story and so that made me reread those books and get interested again in Anne Rice stories. Now we form our own Lestat lovers group ^O^ Though I must say I go for Louis as well ~_^  

I'd like to make this (if possible) a discussion thread for the stories. I have a couple of ideas on how to make it though. One of them,  [profile] vickyyunkamiya, told me to write mi posts in Spanish so the Spanish speaking she and the rest could understand. The second one is  [profile] ariadnechanwho told me a while back that I should write my posts in English so the mayority of LJ users could understand them. My idea right now would be to make this at least a bilingual posts for which it will take a couple of hours to write since I always write too much and this will be writing that doubles. But beware, each version will be unique, they won't be a copy of each others. On the one hand because there are certain ideas that can't be taken to another language. And on the other because of the people it will be appealing to in each language. But the main reason is I hate repeating myself. 

So far it was in English. Let's begin with the bilingual part. Going through each book at a time now. I think I'll take the first book this time.
Hasta ahora fue en inglés únicamente. Comencemos con la parte bilingüe. Ahora voy a ir hablando de a un libro a la vez. Por ahora sólo voy a tomar el primer libro de la serie. 



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