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Birthdate:Feb 27
Website:Tilja's LJ
This is my personal DW. Just a second home. Other sites are my Blog and my Fotolog accounts. Given the kind of projects I put there, most of it is in Spanish so no need to bother.

I opened this because I love reading and writing, though I'm not very good at the latter, so I mostly translate and give personal opinions on things. With that I keep up practicing to learn how to write better and it has paid out so far. Currently I publish all of my fanfictions, both in English and Spanish. Another practice for my writing and translator's skills. Let's see how good I can become!

Anyone coming by should know that I like to rant a lot about the things I like or dislike. Any opinion displayed in my journal will be solely my opinion and involving no other person than myself and my love or loath of something. That said, you should be aware that my own personal space = my own rules, which means that if you want to contradict anything I put here, go ahead and do it, I love a good discussion. Flames are probably not a good thing but hey, we all have our own minds about some thing or other.

The reason I might ban a comment would be if it contradicts site rules because I want no problems here. Other than that, I enjoy contradictions too much to erase them over something so trivial as lack of opinion or sense. We all know what we write and why we do it, there's no excuse for fail in writing when you can check your text before posting so I'll be asuming you put what you put in full knowledge of it and, if called for, answer accordingly.

All that said, if you find any fail in my own writing, please tell me so. I'm not perfect, I live to strive for that illusory perfection we're all taught about. I appreciate any concrit you might have and if I fail to understand anything you might tell me. I'll ask for a better explanation because I love learning and opinions. What would the world be without other points of view to back into when someone decides to throw our entire set of beliefs through the window by stating things like 'the world isn't flat'? So I'm in dire need of those and accept any offerings.

Glad you came and thanks for reading my endless rambles.

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aerosmith, agatha christie, alexandre dumas, anime, anne of green gables, anne rice, arthur conan doyle, astrology, astronomy, avatar, avatar the last airbender, baroness orczy, berubara, bleach, blood, blood alone, bones, books, bourne, bridget jones, british culture, brontë, celine dion, celtic mythology, celts, charles dickens, chrno crusade, clamp, clamp gakkuen, classical music, classical writers, classics, code geass, coupling, csi, dan brown, david eddings, dickens, disney, doctor who, drinking tea, druids, edith wharton, elizabeth gaskell, english literature, ernest hemingway, fanfics, fate/stay night, franz ferdinand, friends, furuba, georgette heyer, greek mythology, hagaren, hana yori dango, hanging out with friends, harry potter, hate bad writing, head trip, hetalia, his dark materials, horitsuba, house md, indiana jones, irish culture, jane austen, jem and the holograms, jkr, k9, kare kano, karin, king arthur, kuroshitsuji, languages, laughing, law & order, learning languages, learning new things, louisa alcott, louisa may alcott, louise cooper, love good book discussions, lucy maud montgomery, lupin, macgyver, manga, marion zimmer bradley, matantei conan, melissa etheridge, merlin, michael crichton, michael moore, miniseries and movies of xixc, mists of avalon, movies, music, mythology, o henry, oscar wilde, otomen, ouran host club, pauline gedge, pet shop boys, phil collins, philip pullman, philosophy, pink, princess princess, queen, reading, roald dahl, robert ludlum, robin hood, rod stewart, roxette, ruroken, sade, saint seiya, sarah waters, she-ra, sheridan le fanu, sherlock holmes, simple plan, slayers, soundtracks, sting, sukisyo, supernatural, susan cooper, the big bang theory, the classic project, the dark is rising, the mentalist, the sarah jane adventures, the tudors, torchwood, trinity blood, vampire chronicles, vampire knight, walking, wilkie collins, writing, x files, yu yu hakusho
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