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Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 04:09 am


I finally began translating my works. It's very little, but I hope you like it and enjoy it. I'll be translating and posting the rest soon. Tomorrow, because it's late and I need to sleep. 
This is the first. 


"Let's go, hurry up!" Sakura was shouting and waving her hand, calling them while she ran excitedly. It was the first time they were reunited after two years, she wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. That's why she had invited everyone to the amusement park. In a little while everyone would return to their own lives and only the two of them would remain. Better enjoy the most of it.
"Don't run like that or you'll fall!" Syaoran worries as usual. And he had reason to! Sakura never went by a day without tripping and falling. He had learned that when they were in elementary school, and now that they were going to high school school it hadn't changed at all.
"I see Sakura-chan is just as energetic and cheerful as ever." Tomoyo was smiling and watching her best friend running.
When she started high school, her mother had sent her to a boarding school in France to get the speciality in Administrative Degree she wished for to run the company once her mother retired. She had also been offered a scholarship with the Choir of Paris. It was a very good chance for her. It had been really hard to separate from her dear Sakura-chan, but she could still come visit often. And she could also go and visit Eriol and get more news with just a ferry commuting, and he also visited her whenever his schedule allowed it. It was fun to receive separate news from Sakura and Syaoran and read two times how they felt for each other. But the best was always these encounters.
"Yes, but today she's even more excited because you two visited. I don't think she can go through the day without falling." Syaoran's face was so dejected it was hilarious, but Tomoyo just kept looking up front to where the girl's figure was dissapearing far ahead of them and grined.
"Nothing will happen to her, since you're always protecting her." Eriol smiled with that playful look on his eyes he distrusted. Was he going to play some trick on them, just like he used to do? "Don't worry. I don't plan on doing anything bad." Again, he had read in his thoughts as easily as before. it made him uneasy and it also bothered him, but Sakura never seemed to be bothered by it. Sure, she didn't even notice her surroundings normally.
Eriol kept on walking as if he didn't notice and grinned.

They reached the place where Sakura had stopped to look at an exhibition of stuffed dolls prices in a game. She was staring at an enormous bear sitting on the top shelf. Syaoran bought tickets for the game and began shooting, aiming for the first prize. Sakura looked at him with the most tender look on her eyes.
Eriol and Tomoyo watched them, looked at each other and smiled happily.
"Where would you like to go afterwards?" Eriol asked her.
"We'll go to the ferris wheel. Sakura-chan likes the view from there."
"That's true. That will be our next stop, after Syaoran-kun wins the bear for her." He looked at her. "You don't have magical powers but you know where we'll go next."
With a big smile, Tomoyo answers, "I know Sakura-chan very well."
Eriol smiles back, but differently.
They heard a shout of joy from Sakura. She was jumping out of joy while the man in charge of the game handed Syaoran the bear. Syaoran gave the bear to Sakura, who hugged it tightly.
"Let's go to the ferris wheel now!" She announced.
"Alright, but I'll go with Hiragizawa-kun." Said Tomoyo. Sakura was about to object when she came close and told her in a low voice. "This will give you a chance to thank Li-kun for the present he just gave you." Sakura blushed and Tomoyo smiled. Syaoran was looking somewhere else.

Once they reached the end of the line and each of them got into their cabins, Tomoyo took the camera out of her bag and, positioning herself facing Sakura and Syaoran's cabin, began filming. Sakura seemed in a state of bliss, with the bear Syaoran gave her tightly held in her arms. Syaoran was looking at her tenderly.
"I can see you like Sakura-san very much." Eriol was looking at her.
"Of course, she's my best friend and her happiness is very important to me. Every moment I can spend with her is a very important moment and I don't want to miss any of them." She answered while looking through the lens of her camera to capture any change in her friend's demenour, which could be told by Syaoran's face, who was facing her.
"The choir performed in Viena this week. I'm sorry, I wasn't able to go. I had some appointments."
Tomoyo lowered her camera to speak to him.
"It's alright. There's a trip to London announced for next month to perform at mass in Buckminster. If you wish you can go."
"I'd love to." Eriol smiled. "By the way." He came close to her to tell her something to her ear. When he leaned, he rested his hand on top of hers for balance. Tomoyo looked him in the eyes completely still.

"What's wrong?" Sakura asks seeing that Syaoran seems uneasy.
"It's... Daidouji had her camera with her, didn't you notice?" Sakura shakes her head. "She's probably filming everything right now as usual."
Sakura blushes instantly. "No, I don't think she can do that." She laughs nervously.
She looks back to see her friend. She turns her head sideways, confused, and then looks back at Syaoran.
"No, she isn't filming. Her camera is by her side, but she's whispering something to Eriol-kun."
"What do you mean, whispering?"
"Yes. Eriol is leaning over her, like he's telling her a secret. "Says Sakura, still looking.
Syaoran jumps from his seat to look and Sakura has to move to make room for him. When he looks, Eriol is moving on his seat and Tomoyo has her camera on her lap and is looking placidly to the front. Confused, he goes back to his seat.

After they get out, they walk a little in silence and Sakura stretches and announces:
"I'm thirsty. How about some juice? I'll invite! Tell me what do you want."
"Don't bother yourself Sakura-san. I can invite you if you want.
"No! I invited you here and I want to invite you the drinks. What would you like to have?"
"Thank you very much, Sakura-san. A lemmonade would be fine."
"I'd like a strawberry one, please."
"What about you, Syaoran?"
"Orange. But don't bother about me."
"It's no bother, I want to do it. Come on!" Sakura rushes forward.
"Don't run!" Syaoran shouts behind her. Too late. Syaoran was right, the day couldn't end without accidents. Syaoran runs to help her up while she laughs.
"In the end, you didn't record anything." Eriol tells Tomoyo.
"Hm? Oh, it's true. Well, maybe next time." She says looking calmly to the front.
"You weren't surprised." Eriol tells her looking to where the other two were.
"Should I have been surprised?" Tomoyo answers, also looking to the couple far away.
"You trully are too perceptive." He says looking at Tomoyo with significance in his eyes. She smiles happily and returns his look.
"Let's go, hurry up!" Sakura shouts while still rushing forward, but this time Syaoran is holding her arm so she won't run away.
Tomoyo and Eriol walk behind quietly. They walk without rush. They walk holding hands. They walk on their own path, a path beginning to open in front of them. A road to... 

Next time I'll post the other. right now I want to go to bed. 

Till next time.