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Sunday, September 12th, 2010 09:31 pm
Just a couple more to go.

Title: Bottle
Fandom: CCS
Characters/Pairing: Tomoyo, Eriol
Rating: G
Note: Eight of ten. Same place as before.

Eriol was in his chair reading by the light of a single lamp. Outside, the snow had stopped falling. A soft knock on the door and Tomoyo entered wearing a shawl over her nightgown and carrying a box in her hands.
"You should be resting; you're still weak from the fever." Eriol rose leaving his book and went to her quickly.
"Don't worry, I feel much better." She told him smiling as she approached him. "Besides, I wanted to be here at the exact time."
Before Eriol could ask anything, the grandfather clock sang giving the hour for midnight.
"Happy birthday, Eriol." Tomoyo said smiling cheerfully once the bells stopped resounding. She handed him the package she brought with a big and warm smile. "Spinel told me you were born at midnight so I wanted to give you your present at the exact time."
"Thank you very much." Eriol returned her smile with a look full of tenderness. "Can I open it?"
"Of course."
"But first, I want you to sit down. I don't want you to tire yourself unnecessarily."
He took her by the arm and led her to his chair. She allowed him to guide her and settle her in his usual seat. He then placed the box on the table. It was a rectangular box, not very big, wrapped in violet with a silver bow on top. He removed the paper and opened the box to pull what was inside. A cylindrical bottle of bluish glass adorned on top with a huge lotus surrounded by a wreath of tiny flowers, all tied to the neck of the bottle by a big purple and silver bow. The lid of the bottle, also made of glass, was wide and had a small bird as a handle over it. Eriol lifted the lid and a delicate fragrance both sweet and fresh filled the room. Inside there was a mixture of different flower petals, wood and incense, all mixed in a violet coloured blend.
"Potpourri." Eriol said looking at her.
"That's right. I made it myself. My mother took me on a trip to India last summer and I learned how to make it there."
"It's the same scent of your perfume." Eriol gave her a crooked smile.
"Yes. I tried to create the same scent. So that you have something to remember me by when we can't meet." A look of infinite tenderness filled her eyes when she said this. Eriol looked at her with identical tenderness. He understood what she was talking about and thanked her with that look. In a couple of days, Tomoyo would leave and they wouldn't be able to meet for some months.
"The bottle is unusual." He said, twirling the lid in his hand. The bird was a dove created in great detail. Even the carved eyes looked as if they were moving in the light of the lamp. The bottle was also adorned with a small wing at each side, also made of the same glass, and you could even see the detailed feathers of the wings.
"I found it at an antiques bazaar I went to get a sewing set. It's a lurex bottle. As soon as I saw it I felt I must buy it."
"Then that means you were destined to get it." Eriol told her. "Nothing happens by chance in this world."
Eriol left the lid beside the bottle.
"Thank you very much. It's the best present I've ever had. I'll keep it with me always"
He bent over the chair to give her a more intimate thank you gesture which she returned gladly.
"Now, I want you to choose something from my things to take with you." He told her as soon as they separated.
"The gift you gave me was the potpourri made by you. I must pay you for the bottle. Choose whatever you like."
Tomoyo thought for a minute then lifted her eyes to him. "Can I keep your bottle of cologne?" She asked.
"My cologne?"
"Yes. To have something to remember you by when we can't be together. Like the one that was in the scarf you gave me. A bottle for a bottle." She smiled.
"Sure. Hold on a minute." He went out of the room and returned two minutes later with a small flask half full that he handed to her. "With this we close the deal." He smiled playfuly at her.
She rose from the chair and bid him goodnight before going back to her room.