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Sunday, September 12th, 2010 07:47 pm
The third one!

Title: Cats
Fandom: ccs
Characters/Pairing: Eriol, Tomoyo, Spinel
Rating: G
Notes: Tree of ten. Takes place in France and England (you can do a lot with a quick ferry trip).

On his way to the school, he saw a girl crouching in the entrance of an abandoned building. Surprised to see her there, he approached.
"Did the rendezvous change?" Eriol asked her.
She jumped startled at the voice and looked around. "Oh! I thought I had time to do something before you arrived." She turned back to her previous task. She arranged a blanket at the bottom of a box while the boy watched her. Inside the box was a litter of small kittens moving around the girl's hands who was trying to cover them with the blanket.
"Where are they from?"
"I found them yesterday abandoned in this box. The school doesn't allow animals so I thought I'd at least try to cover and feed them until someone comes for them and gives them a home. I told Sakura over the phone last night and she sounded so worried over them that I thought I'd do what I can for them so I have something good to tell her later." Tomoyo was trying to give the kittens some food but they were too restless.
Eriol crouched beside her, took the can from her hands and started feeding the kitten, who calmed down instantly and accepted the treat peacefully.
"You're good with animals." Tomoyo smiled, watching him.
"It's not that. I also have a cat." He said looking at her with a mischievous smile. "Do you like cats?"
"Yes. They're cute and very active. I like to watch their games. That's it for now." She said putting away the empty can in a bag. She rose. "I'll be back tomorrow," she told them. Perhaps they didn't understand her, she thought, but it looked as if they did, for they remained quiet and cuddled together.
She turned from them and they both went back to the school for Tomoyo to get ready while Eriol waited for her.
"I'm sorry for making you wait." She said when she returned already dressed up.
"It's ok, there was no wait." He was being polite as always.
She took his arm as they walked away. It was already a month after the day at the amusement park and they were dating. Today, Eriol was taking her to the theatre.
They didn't have many opportunities to meet with their busy schedules but every time they did they enjoyed it to the most. Tonight they were planning on staying out until late so the kittens couldn't wait till the next day. That was why she had gone out first to feed them. And now, thanks to them, they had something else to talk about while they walked. Every moment together was very precious to her and she enjoyed them with all her being.
Eriol opened the door and walked into the house. He took his coat off before going into the living room.
"Welcome back, Eriol. How was your date?" Spinel asked from the sofa where he was lying, reading a book.
"Very good, thank you."
Eriol went to the sofa and put over the back a stick with a felt end, very much like the toys for cats.
"What is this?" Spinel asked looking intrigued.
"A gift from Tomoyo." Eriol answered smiling.
"This is a toy for cats. Didn't you tell her you don't have a cat?"
"Actually, I told her I have a cat, but I think she knows it. This is for you."
Eriol walked out of the room smirking, leaving a murderous Spinel behind him.