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Sunday, September 12th, 2010 07:27 pm
Here's the second one from the series.

Title: Scarf
Fandom: ccs
Characters/Pairing: Tomoyo, Eriol
Rate: G
Notes: Second in a series of ten. Takes place in Japan and France.

When she returned, she told the maid to serve the tea in the dining room. While this was prepared, she went up to her room. That day at the park had been exciting, she finally got to see her best friend after a long time. And something else expected happened. Or perhaps she wanted it. She left her camera on top of her desk before going over to a side table over which there rested a box identical to the one her mother kept her treasures in. Before going abroad, she had ordered a copy of that box to keep her own treasure in it. She took the key from her neck and opened the lock. Inside there was one single object of lavender colour with purple and silver embroidering. She absently stroked the fabric while thinking about that time.
The place was almost deserted. It was a morning in the middle of the week and most people would be attending to their businesses. In one of the seats in the front row there sat a youth with glasses looking up at the altar, where the choir was singing on the morning mass. When it was over, the people started to vacate the place. The boy rose and left to stand beside a lateral door. About fifteen minutes later, the people from the choir began to emerge from the door. A figure stood out from the crowd for being surrounded by people. A tall girl with long black hair. The girl smiled an answered to the questions when she saw the figure standing close by. The boy waved at her. Tomoyo said goodbye to her classmates and walked to the boy to greet him.
"I was surprised to see you here." She told him after the usual greetings.
"I had things to do in town and thought I'd drop by. And I wanted to see you." He added when he saw the look she gave him. "It's good to see you well, Daidouji-san."
"Thank you. It's also good to see you well, Hiragizawa-kun." She answered smiling. "Did you receive any news about Sakura-chan or this is just a social visit?"
“Social visit. Would you like to walk before returning to school or you don't have time?"
"No, I've got time."
They went walking to the park, talking of Sakura and Syaoran, of Nakuru and Spinel, and of Kero. They talked about everyone they hadn't seen in a long time and about their own activities. They stopped by the lake to watch some old women feeding the geese and ducks that were swimming close to the shore waiting for the food. Tomoyo shivered and put her arms around herself. Despite her coat, the day was cold.
"Are you cold? Here" Eriol pulled his scarf from his neck and wrapped it around Tomoyo's neck, twisting it twice around it. Tomoyo looked while he did that.
"Thanks, but won't you be cold?" She asked worried. The scarf was beautiful, handmade no doubt, of a soft lavender colour with a purple and silver butterfly embroidered on each side.
"I'm fine. Besides, you must protect your beautiful voice." He said with a wide smile. She smiled in her turn as an answer.
Eriol walked her over to the door of the school and there he said goodbye.
"My car came for me."
"Wait, your scarf." She stopped him while she started to unwrap it from her neck.
"Keep it. It's a gift from me. You must protect your beautiful voice." And with this he turned around and left before she could make a protest.
After climbing in the back seat, the car started and left. Eriol looked through the window to the figure that was still at the door following the car with her eyes.
"Was everything according to plan?" Spinel asked from the front seat.
"Yes, everything went according to the plan." He smiled cheerfully. "It's not a teddy bear but it's made with some special threads." He murmured.
"Where do we go now?" Nakuru spoke with her eyes on the road. She was the driver.
"Home. To wait." Eriol answered.
"Are you sure it'll be alright?" Spinel asked.
"Thankfully, I am not." He answered with a sigh. Nakuru turned around and looked at him intrigued.
"Please, look to the front or you'll make us crash!" Spinel screamed at her and Nakuru turned her attention to the road once more.
She lifted the scarf from the box and pressed it to her face; there were still traces of his cologne. She could still feel in her lips the warmth of the kiss. Her first kiss. As she expected, he did it without hesitation, simply when he wanted to do it. There, in the cabin of the ferris wheel, separated from everyone else. She had been waiting for it for some time. Ever since he put the scarf around her neck she was waiting for it. And now it had finally come and it was everything she expected.
She put the scarf around her neck and inhaled the faint scent of cologne. She looked at it and stopped. Strange, she remembered there were purple butterflies in it, but now she could clearly see that there was a purple butterfly on one side and on there other a black butterfly, both of them embroidered with silver threads. She might've made a mistake because of the dark colour, but she doubted it.
There was a knock on the door and the maid announced her that the tea was served. Tomoyo put the scarf back in the box and locked it. She'd think about it later. Now she just wanted to think about that day at the amusement park and what it had brought to her.