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Sunday, September 12th, 2010 09:53 pm
Next comes the last.

Title: Cooking
Fandom: CCS
Characters/Pairing: Tomoyo, Sakura, Kero.
Rating: G
Note: Nine of ten. Takes place in Japan.

"Is this amount right?" Sakura asked showing her the recipient.
"Just a few more grams and it'll be alright." Tomoyo indicated. "Now, you have to add the melted chocolate." She said while she stirred the jar in the fire.
"Kero! What did I tell you about eating the chocolate!" Sakura yelled when she turned around to take a jar and found Kero eating a piece of the slab of chocolate that was still unused. Kero zoomed out of her reach with another piece on his hands.
"But I'm hungry!" Kero complained from where she couldn't catch him. "You are cooking sweets and there's nothing done yet and I'm hungry."
"Bear it. We still have to bake this... What are they called?" She turned to Tomoyo.
"Fondant Chocolat. They're small soft cakes filled with chocolate." Tomoyo answered.
"I have to thank you for helping me with the cooking. I really didn't know what to make to Syaoran." Sakura told her when they returned to their work ignoring Kero's complaints but keeping her eyes on his movements, in case he decided to ruin their work further.
It was Syaoran's birthday and Tomoyo had dropped by to congratulate him. Sakura was in a quandary because she had promised him a special birthday dessert that day and she had no idea what to do. She had made several trials that her brother had labeled as disastrous happenings. The bad thing was that she couldn't contradict him. She was already getting desperate when Tomoyo arrived and she cried to her for help, to which her friend rose to the occasion providing her with a recipe and help to make it that day.
"You're welcome. I do it with pleasure. I love to see you so active and happy." Tomoyo answered cheerfully. They continued working with Kero still far from their reach.
They finished the preparation without more incidents. Kero had remained oddly quiet for the remaining time. They placed the pan in the oven and started their way to fix the place for the birthday party when they realized Kero hasn't moved from the spot where he was.
"Kero, what's wrong? You were so hiper and you suddenly became so quiet." Sakura asked worried.
Kero sighed. "It's just that when Tomoyo mentioned the fondant chocolat I remembered something."
"What thing?" Sakura asked.
"Fondant chocolat was Clow's favourite dessert." Kero answered. "Tomoyo, you're very good at cooking but I had no idea you knew how to make those."
"My boyfriend taught me how to make them and I made them for him on his birthday as a gift." Tomoyo answered with a smile.
"Whaaaaaat?!" Sakura and Kero exclaim together.
"Since when do you have a boyfriend? How come I didn't know about it? Why didn't you tell me? How did you meet him? When? Where?" Kero was throwing the questions one after the other while he flew all over the room. Sakura was still in shock and couldn't even speak.
"You missed the who in your questions." Tomoyo laughed.
"Is it true? Well, congratulations! I'm so happy for you!" Sakura told her when she could speak again.
"Thank you." Tomoyo answered when Sakura hugged her.
"But you still haven't answered my questions. Tell me who he is and why didn't you say anything--" The string of questions stopped when the doorbell rang.
Kero went to hide while Sakura went to get the door. It was Yukito come to help prepare the party for Syaoran. Sakura had invited him but not his brother, whom he wanted to keep as far as possible from her boyfriend that day to avoid incidents, and her father was in another excavation. Yukito's arrival caused the subject to be dropped in favour of setting up everything before Syaoran arrived.
Tomoyo was grateful for the interruption; it allowed her to think of Eriol without worring while they all prepared the place together. It had been three months since she last saw Eriol. Once she returned to school there had been no more opportunities for meeting for any of them and she had had to settle with carrying the small flask of cologne with her. And wait for the frequent phone calls that never took long to come.
They finished setting up everything just in time to receive Syaoran, when the party started in full and there were no more opportunities to think about anything else anymore.


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