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Sunday, September 12th, 2010 10:13 pm
Finally, the last one!

Title: Circle
Fandom: CCS
Characters/Pairing: Tomoyo, Eriol, Sakura, Syaoran, Kero
Rating: G
Note: Ten of ten. Takes place in Japan during another birthday.

She woke up well into the morning. She felt tired and weak still. She looked around and saw the sun reflected in some glass. When she moved a little, she could see she was staring into Eriol's glasses. Eriol was watching her attentively. She smiled in recognition and he seemed to relax visibly.
"How long was I asleep?" She asked.
"It’s already noon. Don't move." He told her when she tried to raise. "You're still weak. The fever has just gone down completely. You need to recover your strength first. I'll bring you some food if you want."
"Thank you," she said lying back again.
Eriol went out and came back 10 minutes later with a tray. He helped Tomoyo to recline and then put the tray in front of her so she could eat. He sat by her in the bed to help her out. As he had told her, she was still very weak.
"Were you here all night?" She asked him as she ate slowly.
"I couldn't leave you, you were squeezing my hand." He answered with a mischievous smile.
She merely looked at him and smiled. Then she suddenly asked.
"Where is the scarf? The one you gave me before."
"Nakuru washed it along with your clothes and now it's drying up."
"Somehow, I think that scarf saved me. I felt as if I was being pulled up, like the butterflies were pulling so I wouldn't sink." She said thoughtfully. She could still remember what she thought was a dream in her semiconsciousness.
"You're not wrong there. It's true. The scarf kept you up on my command." She looked at him puzzled. "I made that scarf when I still had all of my powers. It's a scarf with very special characteristics. Did you notice how the butterflies changed colours?" Tomoyo nodded slowly, remembering. "That's because those butterflies represent the two points of a line. As long as the butterflies remain identical, the line won't close, because it remains as the line of one single person. But when some characteristic changes, such as the colour, it indicates the union of two lines, of two people, and both butterflies will seek each other out to close the circle and join the lines. It's like the poles of a magnet, if both are either positive or negative, they repel each other; but as soon as they find their opposite, they join. The same way the lives of two people complement each other when they get together. When I saw that one of the butterflies had turned black, I was really happy." Eriol explained. "My trend colour was always black and that gave me the knowledge that my feelings were returned."
"You could have asked to know that." She smiled playfuly.
"It's not just that. The scarf also acts as a receptor of the feelings of two people. As there was a synchronicity in our feelings, I was able to make my wish for protection reach out and activate the scarf to keep you safe. The scarf surrounded your arms and tried to lift you out of the hole in the ice so you could come out. That's why you kept afloat for so long. For a moment there I thought I'd loose you." He was serious now, his face was drawn with worry and pain.
Tomoyo took his face on her hands to make him look at her.
"You'll never loose me. I know that as long as you're with me I'll be safe, no matter what happens." She smiled tenderly.
They both shared a look filled with affection that told everything they felt for each other until Eriol became serious again and said:
"I want to ask you something. You don't have to answer now, it's only an idea..."
"He must be coming for me now." Tomoyo announced. It was late and Syaoran's birthday party had been going on for hours. The fondant chocolat were a success and Sakura had received a huge thank you from Syaoran that had made her extremely happy. Now Tomoyo was announcing she was leaving.
"Who's coming for you?" Sakura asked.
"My boyfriend." Tomoyo answered placidly.
"What?! Since when do you have a boyfriend?" Syaoran exclaimed. He had just found out.
"Since a little over four months." Tomoyo answers with a smile.
"Who is he?" Syaoran inquired. But before he could get an answer, the bell rang and Sakura went to open the door.
"Good afternoon, Sakura-san." Eriol greeted her.
"Eriol-kun! I didn't know you were in Tomoeda." Sakura exclaimed surprised.
"I just came to pick someone up." He answered. "Shall we go now?" He said when he saw Tomoyo approaching, ready to leave. Behind her were Syaoran and Kero who had come when they heard Eriol's.
"Yes, I'm ready." She answered as she put on her shoes to leave.
"H-he-he is your boyfriend?!" Kero exclaims completely astounded.
"Of course. Who else could have taught her how to make fondant chocolat?" Eriol looked at them smirking.
Sakura and Syaoran looked at them stunned. They were so shocked they couldn't even reply. At last, Sakura recovered enough to congratulate them and wish them all the best. Syaoran still remained rooted in the place. And Kero was just there, staring with his mouth open so wide you could fit a plate in.
"By the way, here's the new address and phone number for you to find me." Tomoyo handed Sakura a piece of paper when she's done congratulating them.
"Eh? But this is Eriol-kun's home address." She looked puzzled at her.
"I changed school to one in England that's near Eriol's house so I'm moving in with him now." She told them.
"Are you sure?" Syaoran had finally recovered his voice.
"Definitely." Tomoyo smiled. "It took me some time to convince my mother but she agreed in the end. Besides, I don't loose my career and Eriol found me a place in a prestigious local choir."
"It was my idea. I asked her to come and stay with me when she visited three months ago." Eriol told them.
Syaoran still looked doubtful but he said:
"Congratulations. I hope everything will turn out well for you."
"Thank you. It means a lot coming from you." Eriol smiled at him relieved.
Tomoyo hugged Sakura tightly before leaving on Eriol's arm.
"We've closed a circle here as well." Tomoyo commented as they walked away.
A new life together starts for them. A new cycle that begins when the previous one has closed. It's the road they chose to walk together.


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