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Saturday, September 11th, 2010 08:01 pm
 So I was talking over coffee with [personal profile] pulsetalks  on how many ways Twilight fails to make sense or be the tiniest bit of good on the society as a whole. Well, being a med student and a major science geek, her point of view went straight into the field of anthropology and Darwinian evolution. Today, she posted her thoughts in her own journal and told me to bring you the gist of them into English. Here it is: 

"The obsession for the male stalker of the protagonist and of the fans for the qualities (I must say that the author works a lot over those) and primary desires so to speak: the 'paternalism' (primary need for a successful copulation and ulterior care and protection of the offsprings) and the perfect genetic heritage of the boy (the well defined secondary sexual characteristics). It's the perfect creation for the fully sexual adolescent stage of youth (that's why it's called 'adolescence', look it up in the dictionary) and of course for the sexually frustrated older women; an unhapppy marriage usually leads to this kind of primary necessity, not a mentally mature love. 

It all comes down to the main fact. Arousal of the libido. It's the non-magical, realistic explanation; they are perfect, and young girls need an ideal icon to follow, feminity expressed through weakness and repressed desire for a lack of maturity and the obvious experiences women go through, it's a clear representation of the social condition of youths and their current problems. And how to know and write about it? What a better way than to look at how women respond to this stimulus in literature. Let's steal from all of the greatest literary pieces, modernize it with a couple of iPods in hand, and take it to an editorial! It's so obvious! Before or after, women like tight abs, which in Darwinian evolution represent to an unconscious level healthy genes and an apparent long life, with a good muscular functionality to gather food. The weak, hapless, dependant woman, the main stimulus for men's procreation!" 

So this in a way is the gist of the 5 hours chat we had yesterday. At least that's how she represented in her own hand. The original of this is in Spanish, so if you know the language, go check it out at her journal and give your thought on it.

ETA: It seems DW is having problems taking the names of users correctly? So here is the link to original commenter's acct (in Spanish) for easy find.


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